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Is Anyone Else Having Problems Posting In Ab?

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barry1010 | 16:47 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Technology
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I can post here, I can post in most threads but I can't post in others - like this one

The cursor just will not respond in the reply box.   



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No, working fine.

No problems for me, so far.

I can't post on the given thread. It's as if the answer box hasn't fully loaded. Firefox on Win 10.

Ok for me - if it's the same, how about changing browser, as here? -

OK here

Ok in Chrome.

No problem.  Safari.

Ok in Edge.

I think I am using Silk.  The box takes time to appear but when it does it recognises my curser.

Ok in Opera. Seems to only be a problem in Firefox.

Question Author

I'm using Edge

Question Author

I can post on that thread fine in Firefox.  Obviously a browser issue, strange how it's only the odd thread and not all of them.

Thanks all 

Well it works in Edge for me. This site is full of surprises.

Maybe you are being Moderated .Barry ?

I can and did post there, on my PC, Firefox, Windows 10.

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Is Anyone Else Having Problems Posting In Ab?

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