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JinnyJoan | 16:41 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Technology
7 Answers

A very good friend of mine sent me an email last night around 8.30pm.  I was glad to hear from her and replied about 11pm.

However I wanted to read her email again and it's not there - not even with my reply.

Anybody tell me what has happened - thanks




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Do you have Hotmail/Outlook? I find that emails I've read are put in the 'archive' folder.

Question Author

Pasta I have gmail - if that helps - I looked for Archive but there is none

Is it in your "sent" box ?

or trash you have a search function - I do with my  account with a competitor

If you have tried the "sent" folder/box try "bin" folder (as you may have accidentally deleted it) or try the "all mail" folder/box.

Hope you find it.

If you are set up as POP 3, chances are that the email has been deleted as soon as it was read.


If you are set up as IMAP, there should be an `All Mail` folder, so if that's the case, have a look in that particular folder. Any emails on an IMAP system stay in the inbox until manually deleted, but are not deleted physically, they are moved into a `Deleted` folder where they can be read or recovered.

Question Author

thanks for your answers - I just put my friend's name in the Search and it came up.

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