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henrys202020 | 21:11 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Technology
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i  want  to  use   phone      for   news   sport     photos  most  things  in  general   thank u    oh emails



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You don't need anything really expensive, Henry.  Top-price phones can make use of '5G' connections but the vast majority of users probably wouldn't notice any difference at all over using a '4G' one.  Similarly, top-price phones tend to have exceptionally good cameras built into them but, unless you're planning on using your hotos professionally, the cameras in cheaper phones are perfectly adequate.  Phones in the higher price ranges also tend to have more internal memory, enabling more apps to be loaded onto them but most people only require a fairly small number of apps, so the extra memory would be wasted for them.

If I was in your position, this is what I'd go for:
(It's a good quality phone, from a first rate manufacturer, at a budget price).

All that you'd then need is a SIM card to go in it.  Asda Mobile's £8 per month bundle (which is currently on special offer, whereby you only pay £4 per month for the first 6 months) would give you 10GB of data (plus unlimited calls and texts to UK landlines and mobiles), which would almost certainly be more than enough for your needs:
(You can set it up to auto-renew, so that you don't need to worry about forgetting to buy a new bundle, but it's NOT a contract.  You're free to switch to a different bundle, or to stop using it altogether, at any time).

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thank  u  very  much  for  all  the  brill  info 

thank  u  all

Question Author

re  phone

bought  a  samsung   phone   getting  used  to  it  slowly 

a  bit  tricky  not  been  too   techy  minded 

have  quite  day

You'll get the hang of it, Henry

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