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E Mail Problem

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fbg40 | 07:43 Sat 04th May 2024 | Technology
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Morning all,

Bit of a long one I'm afraid, but here goes. I use W10 on a desktop PC and have Virgin Media as my broadband provider. Up until a few days ago I was using eMail client for my e mails but all of a sudden it wouldn't "work" in that it kept asking for verification of password etc. This went on for a day or so, in the end I contacted Virgin Media (that's another story !) for help. After speaking to 6 different people over 2 days, I eventually had a call from their IT dept,who by telling me what to do managed to get me access to my E mails but only through VM in my browser - Chrome, eM client still wouldn't / doesn't work. I have now uninstalled eM client and am concerned that if I re-install eM client will the same thing happen again ? I am considering Thunderbird - any views on that ? Any advice/help you can give would be most appreciated.




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Who is your email provider?

I used to use Windows 10 Mail until it stopped rendering html. I tried everything I could think of to fix it, without success. I then changed to Thunderbird. No problems so far.

I use GMail as my email client.  Excellent spam blocking 

I wouldn't expect installing a client to effect other programmes accessing the e-mail server. Are you suggesting that uninstalling it fixed your issue ?

Just reread and now see the eM appears to be the only thing that had the problem.


Seems like a try it and see issue. I've never had a problem with it and I use it to view any secondary e-mail addresses I have.

Question Author


Virgin Media is the provider


Thanks everybody for such swift responses


Have been using Thunderbird as my email client for several years to oversee 5 email addies, three of which are Virgin mail.

No problems so far and easy to set up from scratch.

I'm another one who uses Thunderbird.  I've used it for years and never had any problems,

You didn't need to uninstall eM Client.  All you needed to do was to remove your account from within it and then create it again.

It's up to you as to whether to revert to eM Client (which should work without any problems when you reinstall it) or to go with Thunderbird.  I like Thunderbird but I've got nothing against eM Client.

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E Mail Problem

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