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What Wattage Charger Plug

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-SharonA- | 21:06 Mon 20th May 2024 | Technology
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I want to buy a new wall charger plug to charge my iphone and kindles. On looking on Amazon they have different wattages. If I buy one that is 40W is this ample to charge my devices or should I go higher??? 



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Computeractive magazine recently covered this's not as simple as you may think!

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Wow ginge. Interesting reading. All my devices after checking require different wattages. What a headache.

I have a high wattage charger that I've used to charge everything from low powered eReaders to high powered laptops and nothing has blown up yet

20W should be adequate for most iPhones:

9W should be OK for a Kindle device: User Recommendation

I think I am right in saying that newer devices, less than five years old, can be connected to very high powered devices and draw only what they need.  It is perfectly safe to connect anything to a high powered charger.

It's believed that the rapid higher wattage chargers can greatly reduce battery life. 


If you charge something rapidly it can weaken the battery over time. 


I have noticed this with my android phone, if I super charge it, it doesn't last as long. But a gentle slow charge makes it last longer in the long run. 


Strange but proven in my case. 

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What Wattage Charger Plug

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