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Another Samsung User, With Ee, Can't Ring Me. Only Me.

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CW1 | 13:25 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Technology
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When my neighbour who has a Samsung like me, is with EE like me, tries to call me, it doesn't connect, just immediately cuts out. I can ring him, other people can ring me, he can ring other people & my landline, neither of us have changed any settings (in fact I've since tried deleting my details from his phone & put back in). 

Any suggestions as to why ?



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Are you sure he has your number correctly? Can he send you texts?

Does your name come up on his phone when you call him?

Have you inadvertently blocked his number?


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I checked all that, Barry. He rang me only yesterday fine, but today, when he told me, I deleted my details from his phone & put them back in. Can still see the history on his phone. He doesn't "do" texts, but I could try when I see him next. 

Yes, my name comes up both when I called him & when he tries to call me, & no, I haven't blocked him.

I've the same thing happen with my phone very occasionally, a signal problem I guess, but he tried when he was stood next to me today, & I could still call him ! I'm flummoxed tbh.

Switch both phones off and on again.

Whilst you might not have blocked him, have a look at your list of blocked numbers and make sure that a gremlin hasn't added his number to your list.

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Another Samsung User, With Ee, Can't Ring Me. Only Me.

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