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Advice on sound system hardware?

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Luke90 | 18:06 Sat 15th Apr 2006 | Technology
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Ok, basically i want to set up a soundsystem, as im buying a new computer. i want to purchase one that has a decent sound card so that i can use it as my own TV with surround sound. what advice does any one have on getting the right soundcard to do the job. also, i want to buy a stereo and surround speakers, and hook the computers audio out directly to the stereo with an optical cable. what kind of specs do i want to be looking at for the stereo so that it doesnt let down the audio out the sound card is giving me? is this the best way to do the job? i figured that by doing his, i could avoid the need of buying a costly A/V reciever as well. any advice at all on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Luke. If you dont want to buy a surround amplifier then you shuold probably be looking at hooking a set of surround speakers directly to your soundcard.

I would suggest a Sound Blaster Audigy� 2 ZS at least, or maybe one of the new Sound Blaster X-Fi range. Couple this with a set of Creative surround speakers and you're away.

The method I'm using (for my media centre) is to have a motherboard with optical output plugged into a Technics AV receiver.

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Advice on sound system hardware?

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