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Internet providers not offering an 'up to' connection ?

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Mattk | 20:34 Sat 25th Nov 2006 | Technology
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I have an ongoing problem with my net connection where my line drops out constantly every night.I believe the problem is that my line is being pushed too hard but my current provider only offers an 'up to' 8 meg service.Are there any providers out there still offering simple 1meg or 2meg connections ?


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Have found Tiscali who offer a 1meg and 2meg service.
Any others or do any Tiscali users wish to comment on their service please ?
I had a problem with my net connection until I threw the wireless adaptor in the bin and started to use an ethernet connection. In the press many schoold are removing their wireless networks as they say it can cause brain damage so there's another good reason.
Question Author
thanks,but unfortunately im on good ole wired !
no worries ive found a few thru adsl guide now.ideally i wanted one that offers a capped connection with a short contract and there is one on there that offers 1 month contracts so they may well get my business....for a month anyway !

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Internet providers not offering an 'up to' connection ?

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