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hayley2956 | 13:31 Tue 28th Aug 2007 | Technology
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I am moving into a rented house which has a BT landline which I will be paying �10.50 a month for. Now I need to chose an internet provider. I am toying between Orange and BT Opiton 3(unlimited).

Now, (heres the complicated bit) my mobile phone contract with o2 is up and i can cancel/upgrade/change provider etc. So..... if I take out a �30 18 month Orange mobile contract I can get unlimited broadband for �5 a month. Therefore For my mobile phone, internet and Bt landline I will be paying �45.50 a month.

However if I go with BT and have a 12 month internet contract(dont want 18month) on option 3(unlimited) I will be paying �60.50 a month (o2 phone bill �25, Landline �10.50 and BT option 3 �25).

The thing is, is that im not into 18 month contracts, I mean we will only have the house for 12 months and then not need internet anymore, so I will still be paying the �35 contract with orange if i chose them.

Can anyone recommend which one i sholuld go with, any one had any bad experiences with either provider?

sorry its long, but any help would be apprecited! x


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BT internet is usually a ripoff.

I've used Tiscali several times, including right now, and find them to be excellent and good value.
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Yeh BT do seem a bit pricey, I hadn't thought about Tiscali, I'll check them out now... thanks!

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