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How important is mobile phone insurance?

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Dudley | 14:19 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | Technology
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When renewing my mobile phone contract, the salesman tried very hard to sell me insurance. I fully realise the risk of losing the handset but he warned me about how someone could use the phone for expensive calls which I could have to pay for. Surely, I am only liable for phone usage before I report the phone lost as following that the number should then be blocked from usage?


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Why not use this website to add details of not only your phone but other valuable items to a database. If your phone is stolen its a simple matter to immobilise it to stop others using it. e.htm
Once you have reported the loss your phone is rendered useless to anyone else

phone 08701 123123 for details
It's very important - to the insurance salesman.
It depends on how long the gap is between it being stolen and you realising and reporting it. Even half an hour would be enough to rack up a high value of international calls which you would be liable for.

In saying that though I've never taken the insurance out and have never lost or broken a phone so I doubt I ever will!

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How important is mobile phone insurance?

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