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virgin when it comes to sat navs

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LongVodka | 12:17 Thu 30th Oct 2008 | Technology
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just needing advice cause ive no idea what im doing! (feel free to laugh)

as an xmas present i want to buy a sat nav, my only experience is that tomtom is a real good make....but should i gamble and buy on on the net or go into the shop? (no doubt the sales person might try flog me something useless as ive no idea what i need)
also should i need to buy any addition stuff so that it's more or less working the minute its out the box and plugged into the car??

much help with be fabby


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Sorry to be negative but I think they are all stupid machines. Look at maps especially OS maps in advance, familiarise yourself with key landmarks and use your head. Satnavs keep sending cars up someone's driveway near us, which is a lot of money spent on daft and useless information. Bah, humbug. In my day laddie it was all different.
LOL @ Lil O'lady

They are handy if you are traveling to an area you don't know, they may not take you the most direct and logical route that a local would take but they will normally get you to your destination OK.

If you get a tom tom then you get all the extras that you need to use it straight away with it, the only other thing you might want is a protective case to keep it in when you take it out the car.

You will be able to get them cheaper on line and as long as you stick to the well known sites to purchase it then you should have no problem, I'd recommend that you use a credit card and not a debit card for online transactions as well as you get some added protection from credit cards if there is a problem.

I would personally recommend as I have bought lots of things from them and have only had a problem with an item not arriving once, I contacted amazon about it and they refunded me straight away with no hassles at all.
Can't say I've used them all, but of the ones I have, TomTom is the most user friendly (It's also the newest one we have, so that might have something to do with it)

As far as using them goes, I find that I only ever use them to find the road when I get to town and use my own ingrained super direction finder to get there initially
The latest models now position you in the correct lane when approaching an intersection. Also others will give warning of speed humps so you can avoid that road.

Personally I would like a Satnav where you can avoid major Towns and cities because travelling through town centres can be quite taxing.
Question Author no offense but nowt of your answers helped me! I was needing help to buy one.....
again help with buying one
nice nice btw :)
i know nothing about sat nav's as i am not a driver. but in feb this year i bought my lovely boyfriend a sat nav. i looked at loads and loads. i knew that he wanted a hands free/ i also knew he had his ipod plugged in to his lighter in the van/ and obviously i knew he wanted a sat nav............. after searching through all the makes and models i came up with the tomtom go 520. he could plug his phone into it via bluetooth so hence hands free............ i downloaded all his music onto an sd hence no ipod needed in van now............ its a very easy to use sat nav, and easily upgradeable.................... so 10 months on i would still say that its the best buy i made this year.
good luck
that was nice name btw not nice nice! lol prob too many long vodka's on my part!
me - tomtom too - but agree with lil - in fact lat time I used one I ended up up some one's back passage ......
(after 3 pints!!)

as for buying - as a poorly paid bridge looker afterer I buy on price

tomtom (and most other gizmos) is fixed by tomtom - so there isn't much advantage to shop bought.

the downside of mail order is - don't forget to add in the postage

our postie comes at 7:30 - so another disadvantage is being dragged out of bed at the crack of sparrowf@rt

but if you miss the afore mentioned postie - you are then faced with a 50 mile journey to the depot - trouble is - I can never find it ...... perhaps if I got a GPS .......
go to Halfords and have a look. I have a Tom Tom XL One Europe. it does more than I need but it was a bargain.

just tell them what you need it for and buy something fairly basic. I think they're fab. ideal for when you're in the car on your own with no one to map read (or just the kids), and I love just pressing "home" and it will get me home from anywhere!
here's the page you want.....seems good prices. 691436-3779439?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-ke ywords=sat+nav&x=12&y=14

Truckers all use Tom tom as they say its more user friendly

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virgin when it comes to sat navs

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