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adding pictures to a brochure in Publisher 2002

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Tizz | 12:09 Mon 04th Oct 2004 | Technology
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Could anyone advise me why the photographic images I have inserted into a Brochure in Publisher 2002 are so poor when I print them out, They are imported from Adobe Jpegs. I have created a Publisher Leaflet as a test, and imported them into that, and they pring out beautifully. I have tried removing the text box the images are imported into, and it makes no difference. I am tearing my hair out and would really appreciate suggestions (besides throwing the machine out of the window, which I have already considered!)


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Allen, thanks for coming back to me. Publisher has a selection of publication "types". The 'leaflet' is a single sided, single page option, If I import the images into that they are crisp and clear, (certainly good enough for my needs), then there is another option of Brochure - this is an 8+page, double sided printing option, and for reasons I cannot fathom, when I print out images from this option, they lose their crispness and go "fuzzy". I don't know of an 'image box'. Text has to be input into a 'text box', you can then insert a picture either into a text box or not, just onto the page. Either way, it seems to make no difference to the quality. Teresa
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I agree with the other answers but I have a thought which you might want to try out. I have to assume that you have an image editing package of some sort (eg Photoshop, JASC etc). If you have, open the images you want and check that the resolution is 300. It may be that your images are set at a resolution of 72 which is fine for the screen and web use but not for printing.

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adding pictures to a brochure in Publisher 2002

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