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Qwerty phones.

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MissLydia | 21:05 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Technology
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I'm looking to get a new phone for Christmas, I've initially been looking at a Blackberry as I want a full QWERTY keypad and no touch screen feature, I needed it on o2, but I've been told by the man in the shop that it's impossible, I have the option to buy it on another network and pay to get it unblocked, but I want to see what's out there.
I'm not bothered about how good the camera is, as long as it's reliable and I won't need to keep taking it back to get fixed. Any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.


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Iphone, it is fantastic, i got one on friday on o2 and its very cheap for what it is!!! Also it has a full qwerty keyboard.
soz just read no touch sceen bit, i wouldnt go for the iphone then if i were u. lol soz
Like this you mean

My nephew has the blue version

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Qwerty phones.

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