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Problems with BT Broadband and Windows XP laptop.

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smurfchops | 10:08 Sat 14th Aug 2010 | Technology
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I couldn't go online yesterday, I had problems with BT Broadband. It worked when it felt like it, otherwise I just couldn;t use it. Did anyone else have problems yesterday Friday, could it have been anything to do with the stormy weather ? Also could I have lost any emails because of this? I was expecting one this morning from Canada and it hasn't arrived. I am also having problems backing up onto a disc, it only loads 1/4 of the backup and then stops working. I used a Tesco CD, should I try something more expensive ? I am not technical at all, so laymens terms please. Thanks all.


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Do you live around reading or Oldham? if so yes it was a bt problem


no you shouldn't have lost any emails due to it.

are you sure the backup will fit on one CD? (less than 700MB) if so try a different brand of CD.
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Kingston on Thames Surrey !

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Problems with BT Broadband and Windows XP laptop.

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