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Address format

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woodelf | 19:55 Tue 17th Aug 2010 | Technology
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Using Word 2007, when typing an address and then the body of the letter, I've been told that when printed out, the address has a blank line between each line of the address, yet the text of the letter is as it should be (word wrap etc), but my screen reader does not identify this blank line and just 'tells me' one line under the other without a blank line. So, is this blank line address an in-built Word 2007 format and if so, how would I delete that blank line in origin, because I cannot delete what I cannot see...or rather, see! Ta Muchly.


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Are you using any kind of a template for these letters?
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No, I just open a blank screen and type in the the way Scotman, where did you buy your EMI Comedy Classics Vol 2 from (which includes Insureance, the white man's burden), as I can't find it anywhere.
Hi Woodelf.

I'm sorry that I can't help with your main question but "Insurance - The White Man's Burden" is available as an MP3 download from Amazon for £4.49

Better value though is to pay £9.49 for the MP3 download of the entire album, which also includes "The China Story", "The Macreekie Rising Of '74" and "Six Charlies In Search Of An Author"

Unfortunately the CD album, which is called "Goons Shows Volume 2" isn't currently available on Amazon. I've also checked all 32 albums listed on the BBC website and I can't find the episode you require listed among those compilations.

There's a US site which offers an MP3 CD (which will play on a computer but not on an ordinary CD player). It contains no fewer than 90 Goon shows, including the one you want. The price is $7 plus $6 for carriage to the UK

I suspect the blank line is a property of the paragraph containing the address. Edit the paragraph properties and reduce the "space after".
Or, try using Shift+Enter instead of Enter after each line of the address.
Or, if a Style is applied to the address, edit the paragraph properties within the Style and reduce the "Space After" value.
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Flippin' heck Chris, Thank You So Very Much for all your brilliant research. It's a shame that the particular Goon Show I'm after isn't on tape or ordinary CD, for I'm the kind of guy who likes to listen to summat 'in the open' as it were, not to be tied to a pc...but I'm wondering if my 2GB SD card would have enough space on it to take the mp3 download and then I could at least play that on my Roberts CD player, which has a slot for SD cards...but I'm a techno duffer, so I wouldn't know. I am surprised to read that the BBC hasn't got it on any of their CDs or tapes, I cannot understand why but surely it must be out there somewhere so I'll just have to keep on checking and visiting charity shops, eh?! It's my own fault really, for the episode in question was on Radio 7 a few weeks ago and I listened to it and didn't even think of taping it until it was too late...oh woe is me! Still, never mind all this hair shirt thingy, Very Many Thanks again for all your work, Chris.
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Thanks a lot vagrant, I'll try out your suggestions and see how I get on.
I bought the CD many years ago, probably early 1990s and more than likely in HMV.
Question Author
Do you want to sell it, scotman?...I hope this is an acceptable question AB?
Question Author
Okay, straight question, straight answer...I wonder if it's permissable to ask if you could make me a copy?
Question Author
I meant that your answer was a straight one to my question...but now, with the whole of AB land hanging on your every word......?
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If you're still following this thread Vagrant, Many Thanks, your suggestion of shift plus enter worked fine and got rid of that blank line between the address lines...Thanks Very Much.

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