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Android phones

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sophie_1003 | 14:27 Mon 23rd Aug 2010 | Technology
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I really like the look of Android phones, (my boyfriend's just got the Samsung Galaxy one and it's v nice!) but I'm on PAYG and top up probably £10 every 2 months, am on o2 so get 300 free texts every month/time I top up.
Is there anyway I could get an Android phone without paying extortionate monthly tariffs? Also, if I got say an older model of the iphone on PAYG how does downloading apps and accessing the internet work and how much does it cost? TIA


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Iphone/Android phone usually have WiFi. So if you have wireless internet you'll be able to connect through that for your application downloading/surfing needs.

On PAYG I imagine it is quite a hefty charge for mobile browsing - so using your phone as a Sat-Nav might not be on - but you could probably post to The AnswerBank quite cheaply.

If you top up certain amounts you get some free gprs/3g/hsupa web access - which might be worth looking into.

Getting hold of an Android phone not on a monthly rate is going to be a case of just going out to buy one. In some cases it may be cheaper to sign up to a 12 month contract and get the phone free - rather than paying for it separately.

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Cool, was mostly worried about the mobile browsing charges but would probably mostly use it at home or uni where there's WiFi so that would be pretty good. Once you've downloaded the apps do you have to have connection to the internet to use them?
Hi I`ve just spent the past few weeks looking into upgrading my phone. Have a look on gsm arena for all the phone specifications. in my hunt i found a couple of good deals. the sony ericsson x10 mini pro running android 1.6 but i hear its being updated soon to 2.2 and the htc wildfire (the desires little brother).
contract prices range from 15 to 25 quid a month.
it might work out better for you to buy a sim free phone in which case look here or just google sim free phones.
Hope this helped
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Android phones

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