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ipod shuffle charger

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looobylooo | 14:38 Sun 17th Oct 2010 | Technology
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afternoon :o)

i seem to have mislaid my ipod shuffle charger, the little docking style one that i plug into my laptop.
ive seen them going cheap on ebay so i might buy one of there,
however a friend has said theyve got an 'ipod' charger i can have if i want it,

my question is, do i need an actual 'shuffle' charger or will any 'ipod' charger be ok?

thank you :o)


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Question Author
anyone?.... please??
Question Author
hi ....
can anyone help me please ..?
i just need to know which charger i should use..

Question Author
no?? no takers then??

awww .. c'monn you lot! lol
surely theres some knowledgeable kind person out there that can answer this simple one for me?

i need to know which charger i need so i dont bu66er me shuffle up!
-- answer removed --
Question Author
ahhhh a reply!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ..... at longggg lastttt!! ;o)

thanks red,

ok, i will get one of ebay then, theyre only cheap anyway, so it wont break the bank.

thanks for replying lol

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ipod shuffle charger

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