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Holiday Company Query?

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cleoval | 19:19 Sat 21st Sep 2019 | Destinations
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Hi I wonder if anyone might know the answer to this question. Today i received the coach travel brochure for UK holidays by Alfa want to book a coach trip for next April but i do not know what to do because on the front page of the brochure it has the words THOMAS COOK RECOMMENDED. I am very suspicious as i think Thomas Cook must own alfa Travel. I do not want to ask Alfa travel incase they give me the wrong information, i book and the company folds like Thomas Cook. i have never know a Travel Company recommending another Travel company. What do you all think? Do you think it is safe to book the short trip in the UK. Thanks.


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I would leave well alone. I had mega problems with Cook and lost several thousand pounds when a holiday of a lifetime was ruined through their stupidity about 6 years ago. I hope T. Cook goes down the drain. Sorry for their employees. Truly I am. Their administration is a shambles and I no longer trust them. Shame. One of GB's oldest travel companies and I regret my dealings with them.
I would wait until Monday and see what has happened over the weekend.

I can't see UK coach travel being affected much.
They seem to be well thought of going by reviews.

I'd say Thomas Cook used their services rather than the other way round and so Cook have nothing to do with your holiday.
Thomas Cook merged with First Choice.
They are always getting mixed up but First Choice merged with Thomsons to become Tui.
On this topic I agree with douglas, TC probably recommend them to people who want coach holidays (which I'm pretty sure TC don't do).
Alfa Travel is independently owned and has been in business for 31 years. They made £1.15m profit in the last financial year, which was up 22.4% on the previous year's profit.

Sourced from here:

They're members of ABTA, which is confirmed on ABTA's own website:

So they should be totally safe to book with. (If you're still worried though, use a credit card to book with, rather than a debit card, as that provides you with extra cover in the event of anything going wrong).
Oh...I always got them mixed up as well. I stood in an airport queue for what felt like hours at a Thomson desk to be sent over to the Thomas Cook desk queue free!!
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