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Living In Exeter Or Torquay?

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cleoval | 17:17 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Destinations
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Hi want to move to Exeter or Torquay in the near future.My Husbands hobby will be in Exeter .We both love the Sea and we are both active in our 60's.We do not have a Car and would also like to know which place would be better to live. We plan to visit both places for a holiday first before we move.


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my impression is (having never lived in either) that torquay is full of old people while Exeter is full of young people.

Where are you living now, as I would think that you probably need to base your decision on more than where your hobby is
Exeter isn't really by the sea in the traditional sense btw
I was in Torquay only 12 months ago. Very disappointed with the town. It has become run down and is not very well appointed for everyday living. We loved Exeter and rather liked Teignmouth which has retained most of it's charm. We could both happily live in Shaldon across the river from Teignmouth. Dawlish was also very appealing but Paignton not so.
Exeter has more of a city feel compared with Torquay's holiday resort town (and don't forget all those annoying visitors).
By the way the previous answer was the opposite to reality. Torquay is the last place to retire to unless you want to walk up and down very steep hills all day long. Anywhere along the south bank of the River Exe is lovely from Exeter down to Dawlish.
When I said previous I meant previous to my first answer.
I suppose I meant that there's not a beach as such and it's nothing like a seaside town.
Out of the two I would also chose exeter

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Living In Exeter Or Torquay?

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