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An Interesting Night In Pontefract (?)

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bookbinder | 16:18 Tue 19th Oct 2021 | Destinations
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Here's an unusual holiday destination. Not what you'd call romantic, not even sun-kissed. But, it might be a vacation to talk about afterwards: if there is an afterwards!


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One for minty and her ghost hunting group.
He lost me at "Alcohol is not permitted ..."
Watch the movie from behind a cushion Maj.

Question Author
Mamyalynne, Fred will still get you, even if you hide behind a cushion. He, he, he!
"If the thought of all this makes you a little queasy you can have a 'protection spell' performed by a local medium for a £10 fee." And i thought the only place you're likely to be fleeced in Pontefract is at the local racecourse :-J
Question Author
As a matter of interest, I clicked on TripAdvisor's website, to get more information on 30 East Drive. I had nothing but trouble: screen freezing; screen going blank; screen display going back to something that I had seen previously. Now, isn't that strange, or even weird?
Fred better beware, he's no match for me and my familiar.
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Now, as the day darkens, the sky remains clouded, it might be a suitable time to wish everyone 'good night', especially to those who are staying at 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

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An Interesting Night In Pontefract (?)

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