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Travel Companie Holidays Listed In Newspapers.?

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cleoval | 18:06 Sat 30th Jul 2022 | Destinations
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Hi In the 90's i used to buy newspapers on a sunday and look in the back for travel coach companies that travelled abroad and i actually went on a few, but i have forgot the names of the newspapers that did this.

Can anyone tell me what newspapers still have coach company holidays to europe advertised and what days to buy the newspapers please.?



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The Daily mail did this somewhere between the centre pages and the sports section.
It used to be the weekend, mostly Sunday papers. I can remember the Daily Mirror doing it on a Saturday. But unsure if they still do it as I don't buy the papers anymore.
^^ Leger holidays also go to Europe.
The reason that many newspapers, both national and local, are struggling (or, like The Independent, have gone completely online) is that hardly anyone advertises in them these days. Indeed, not many people buy print newspapers at all.

A few years ago, the BBC asked a class of around 30 student journalists how many of them had bought a newspaper that day. Not one of them had. If nobody buys them, then nobody will advertise in them and I'd be amazed if you could find many (any?) coach firms doing so these days. The ONLY place that they now advertise is online (or possibly through some of the last remaining High Street travel agencies).

So check out these websites:

It's worth noting though that due to Brexit uncertainties (especially the massive queues at some ports), some companies that used to operate holidays to Europe (such as Gee Vee in Sheffield) are currently not doing so.

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Travel Companie Holidays Listed In Newspapers.?

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