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Pie & Mash Cafes & Eel Cafes In London Query?

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cleoval | 19:08 Thu 03rd Aug 2023 | Destinations
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Hi I am on holiday in London and today went to Walthamsraw as in a book I read on London Markets it said it had pie& mash cafes and eel cafes but when we arrived the locals said they had closed down. Does anybody know where they are please ? and if they are open tomorrow Friday our last day.?

We are using the underground while we are here.Thanks.


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There’s one called Barney’s Pie & Mash in Walthamstow. I can’t post a link but just Google it.
I just googled ‘Pie & Mash shops London’ and there are several in different areas. I don’t know where you’re staying but one of them may be close by.
Try Cockney's Pie & Mash at 314 Portobello Road:

The nearest Tube station is Ladbroke Grove but you can get a bit closer by taking any of the buses that actually run along Ladbroke Grove.

There is one in Camden Town, a few minutes walk from Camden Town tube which is on the Northern Line.
Is the liquor made using stewed eels or is that something from times past?
That’s how it’s made, sandyRoe. I don’t know if they still sell stewed eels and mash but they used to.
Some use fish stock cubes these days, apparently.
Sometimes the liquor is parsley sauce, perhaps with a bit of the eel cooking stock
Danny's in Ilford would only be a bus ride from Walthamstow, it was still open last year, it's in the Chapel link/ ley street part of the town centre.
Get tube to Greenwich, Godard’s Pie and Mash shop there. Very popular with tourists. Or take a riverboat from Embankment to Greenwich, lovely journey.
City Cruises.

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Pie & Mash Cafes & Eel Cafes In London Query?

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