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passport or flight name change?what a rip off!!

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pinkcowprint | 09:28 Wed 29th Jun 2011 | Travel
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brother booked uor flights and booked my name in my new married name but passport still in maiden name.thuoght there may be an admin charge,but oh no, want £77.50 to change the name!! is this right??
ryanair want something stupid aswell,i cant believe it!!
daylight roy,anyone else had to endure this absolute rip off???


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get your brother to pay it, he made the mistake :)

and yes, the fee for changing your passport is correct.
The reason airlines charge a lot to change details like name etc is as follows.

Budget airlines often announce deals where flights are very cheap. And of course the danger is that people could buy up hundreds of these seats themselves, using a simple name like "Fred Smith", hoping to sell them at a profit later.

Of course if it only cost say £5 to change the name on an air ticket these people who block book hundreds of seats would be able to carry on.

By making the price high to change the name on an air ticket it discourages people to block book hundreds of seats.
as for the passport, you change the name and you change the documents. Or you keep your old name and don't. Your choice.
The Passenger Name Record data is used by Government agencies for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime. If I remember correctly airlines can also be prosecuted if passenger information they supply is incorrect, therefore they are very hot on passport details being correct. The rip off is the 'Administration' fee charged by the airlines to change a name.

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passport or flight name change?what a rip off!!

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