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Park And Ride For Bath

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mikey4444 | 00:26 Thu 03rd Aug 2017 | Travel
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I shall be visiting Bath for the day later this month. Parking is such a complete pain in the neck, in Bath, so I thought I would try one of the Park and Ride schemes. There is one north of Bath, at Landsdown, which I can reach from the M4.

Has anybody tried it ?


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It's amazing what gets reviewed on TripAdvisor!
(Although the address given there is for the Newbridge site, if you look at tha actual reviews you'll see that several relate to the one at Lansdown )
Question Author
Thanks Chris.....

The last time we went to Bath, I drove all the way into the centre and then spent ages trying to find a parking space. This option looks much better.
I think that's a good idea, Mikey, apart from getting the train, but then I don't know the times of the trains to your area.

Whenever OH and I go to Bath we get to the tiny car park opposite the theatre with a hour to spare to make sure we get a space.
Lucky you!

I'm supervising a team of people working in Cambridge city centre tomorrow (or later today if we're being pedantic), asking people questions about their experiences of using taxis (on behalf of the city council).

I usually take the train into Cambridge or, occasionally, use the Park & Ride services but I've got a boot full of questionnaires, clipboards, hi-vis vests, etc, so I'll probably have to drive into the city centre and fork out £13.30 for parking if I can get a space on the ONLY long-stay car park near the centre. I HATE driving in Cambridge!
>>> but then I don't know the times of the trains to your area

Weekday trains from Swansea to Bath take around 2h 5m, with a change at Cardiff central. The return fare is £35.70 (or £23.55 with a Senior Railcard)
Question Author
Thanks Jo !....I was hoping you would see this !

Some friends from the States are staying in Bath for 2-3 day, and they can't come to see me here in Swansea, so I thought I would spend the day with them in Bath. Its a wonderful city, but really isn't car-friendly, at least not at this time of year.

So ....if I drive along the M4 until Junction 18 and the Park and Ride should be on the road south, not far from Bath itself.

There are too many changes on the train from Swansea, otherwise I would go by rail.
Question Author
Thanks Chris....there will be two of us, so the train option might be more expensive.
>>> There are too many changes on the train from Swansea

Just one!
Question Author
I know Chris but I am not a great train fan....they are always late or cancelled whenever I go on them !
While you're in Bath, Mikey, if you and your guests like Thai food go to the Yum Yum Thai restaurant. Excellent food, very informal.
Question Author
Thanks Jo....I will bear that in mind. This American couple will have walked the Cotswold Way for a few days, and finish their trip in Bath.

To my knowledge, they haven't been to Britain before, so I am hoping that they will like o have a potter about, and maybe go to the Baths, and the Abbey.

( I never need an excuse to go to the Roman Baths ! )
Have used Lansdown on rare trips to Bath. It's ok. Aren't P&Rs all much of a muchness ?

Time was when parking in Bath wasn't such an issue. Then the authorities decided to discourage it, so bothering to go isn't something to get enthusiastic about any more.
We always use the Lansdowne P&R when we go to Bath. Easy to find from the M4, plenty of parking spaces (they've enlarged it at least once) and a bus every 15 mins to the centre of Bath. The bus back leaves from the same stop. Parking is free at Lansdowne and concessionary bus passes are accepted, so a completely free day for us. Just bear in mind it doesn't operate Sundays, except on special occasions (Christmas market etc).
Question Author
Thanks look as if it might be a Saturday.
The TripAdvisor web site has dedicated forums for virtually every country and city in the world, answered by experts in those places.

Why not ask on the dedicated Bath forum (you have to register first)
lansdown, being next to the racecourse, is fine as long as it's not bath races that day. what day are you going?
Question Author
Not sure Mush but its probably Saturday the 9th of September. Considering how busy that P+R might be, I now think I will go by train instead.

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Park And Ride For Bath

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