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Can I Use My Uk Uber Account In New York City?

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Dudley | 13:14 Sun 24th Mar 2019 | Travel
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And do I have to make prior arrangements to log on in NYC please?


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I did and didn’t have to do anything specific to Uber, you do need to have a data plan available on your phone of course unless you are using WiFi all the time.
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Thanks Fitzer but what is a data plan please?
NYC yellow cabs are great to use for local trips
It’s how your phone connects to the internet (when not using WiFi) so 3G or 4G, usually measured in terms of data allowance per month (if on contract) or an amount of money per Mega or Giga byte if on PAYG. These things are very much subject to your phone provider when out of your home country and can be very expensive.
Yes your account will work seamlessly but watch out for data charges. I have a UK phone and a US phone, and there is tons of info here if you're only visiting for a couple of weeks. Enjoy your trip x
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Thank you Calmck. Do you know if Yellow Cabs accept credit cards please? I hate mucking about with cash in cabs.
Yes they do x

Well that ^^^ worked well, not :o(
If I may? You missed the end off, Baldric -

To be fair LIK I took it from the link @ 16:34
Yes you can, I have my Halifax Clarity card saved as default payment and using this you do not get hit with currency conversion charges.

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Can I Use My Uk Uber Account In New York City?

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