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Want To Visit Portugal

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calmck | 12:57 Mon 28th Jun 2021 | Travel
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Some areas now with more restrictions. Schools were to close Wednesday for the summer. They are closed from today. From Lisbon if you want to come to the Algarve you need proof of vaccination or negative test. Flying in you need proof of vaccination 2 weeks prior. Otherwise quarantine for 14 days. Masks still compulsory. Exceptions require MD letter. Weekend restrictions on opening hours back in force. It is sunny and hot though with a cool breeze. Please note all rules are passed in Parliament and strictly enforced if you want to visit.



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I don't go to countries whose names begin with "P".
-- answer removed --
Thanks for the up to date info Calmck.
You try to help, and the nasties still appear. As some might say...I just don't get it sometimes.
Boredom I guess.
cheers calmck, looking forward to visiting Tavira again when the time is right
Thanks, Calmck.

Or lacking in something, Mamya.
Question Author
You win a few, lose a few.
We will be here for when those who want to can visit!
Can't recall where exactly you are, Calmck. First stop for us will be Pausa in Tavira for some of the most delicious food we've had in all our travels.
Question Author
I'm outside Albufeira. Hope your place still open. Lots have gone out of business
Dave's just looking. We still get their menu so we can drool... :-)
//I don't go to countries whose names begin with "P".//

Nearly as bad as me, dave. I have an almost pathological distrust of countries with green in their flag (so that's Portugal out for me and you).
I couldn’t be bothered to go abroad until
things are back to normal but for those who are chomping at the bit it’s kind of you to post that update.
Calmack. Your post was helpful and appreciated .
Question Author
Been there when we came back from Tavira Island. Lovely meal
And lovely people in there too, Calmck.
We would go to Portugal every year and had three favourite restaurants in Tavira. Made some lovely friends too....lord only knows when we'll visit again. :-(
My next door neighbour is Portuguese...and lovely. It's probably 2 years since he's seen his family, and his kids their grandparents.
We love Tavira but I fear that our favourite restaurant - babushka - may not have survived. We will try pausa next time if it is still there. The problem is that most restaurants there are small/family enterprises so very vulnerable in the current economic climate.
Thanks. ironic sort of given they were upset and puzzled when we didnt put them on uk green list. Things will take months to settle down. 2022 before I'll think of going abroad

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Want To Visit Portugal

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