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A Bit Of Self-Indulgence Here From Me ;O)

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The Builder | 17:54 Wed 29th Sep 2021 | Travel
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My nephew and his wife use Airbnb to let out their place in Chattanooga to go traveling.
Recently they entered an Airbnb competition to win 12 months all-paid travel anywhere in the world.
300,000 entered, and they were one of the 12 couples chosen.
They put it all on Instagram and Youtube. This is the latest.

They're in Rome for the first leg.
This is a little taste of the area they're in. I thought you might enjoy a little travelogue. I think it's pretty good, but then................. I'm biased ;o)



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Fantastic! What a wonderful experience to have won.
''Chattanooga'' TB?

I thought that was a dance
Question Author
Oh Baz.................. ;o(
Tennessee's fourth largest city. :o)

Hi Gness. Yep. What an education for little Hays too :o)))
Well done to them, a marvellous prize.
Superb! :o)
Excellent, Builder - what a prize to win - do they get an allowance to live on too? Great fun!
What a fabulous prize, well done them. Hope they have a fantastic time.
so where else are they heading - how long in each destination? Wish I could have won something like this!!!

Could be a book in the making for them, perhaps?
Question Author
Thanks all.

DTC... as far as I know, travel and accommodation is paid, but they pay their own food bills.
I haven't seen the itinerary yet, but I do know they're going to Amsterdam. Then the UK to see Mum and Dad (and Uncle of course.)

Little Hays is getting a great education ;o)
Question Author
You mention a book, DTC. Anything's possible. I know they gave up their jobs to do this, and they're definitely looking to get into something new eventually.
Just advise them to keep a diary - doesn't have to be detailed but enough to trigger the addition to this material here!
Question Author
I shall ask them about that DTC. That's a good idea.
There are several videos so far on their youtube channel. Vlogs are fine, but there'll be so much, they'll need to get it all down somewhere.
Do your remember Frank Bough - he ''co-wrote' this book on French hotels with Arthur Eperon and very good it was, a review plus local colour and the hotels were generally very acceptable and reasonable, some of them exceptional. User Recommendation

One of them is still in my top 10 of the world: (more upmarket now but so beautiful).

Imagine an AirBNB guide based on their travels.....
Wow, what a wonderful prize to win!
Looks like they are having a wonderful time.
Hope they enjoy all their other destinations, too. :-)
Question Author
I don't know those books, but I do remember him publishing something like that.
People are always interested in anything in this vein. I'll pass on what you say and give you an update if anything comes of it in the future.

Thanks to all for taking an interest.
Right... I must go. Back tomorrow.
Question Author
Patsy................ X
A lifetime opportunity! Well done to them.
He looks like you, your nephew!
Question Author
Ha... Tilly
I wondered if anyone was going to say that ;o)

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A Bit Of Self-Indulgence Here From Me ;O)

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