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Welsh Islands

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piggynose | 09:10 Sat 25th Mar 2023 | Travel
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did you know theres about 50 of them ?
I am embarrassed to say i didnt know this, i only found this out by chance!


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no - but it's not a cause of embarrassment for me
I did, and did you further know that if they were all joined together they'd form the outline of Belgium and be the size of 793 football pitches?
Question Author
douglas, are you taking the proverbial pee or are you being serious?
Not very big then. I bet some of these "islands" are just large rocks jutting out of the sea.
All islands are just large rocks jutting out of the sea, it's just a matter of scale.
Oh piggynose, I'm saddened that you have to ask. :-(

Off to try and cool down now with my fan, wee.
Never felt a need to count them.

A fair few then.
how many have human inhabitants?
think I'll go live on Caldey Island!
Question Author
08.26 nothing personal, its just that i never know when youre being serious! : = ) plus ive no idea what size these islands are? as somebody asked are they actually islands or just rocks?
maybe i´ll consult our old friend mr google!
According to, "Wales has over 50 islands dotted around our coastline". Did the person counting just give up when it reached fifty?

There could be fifty-one islands or thousands of them.

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Welsh Islands

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