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Sunniest Place In The Uk To Live?

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bluefortress | 22:46 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Travel
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This will sound naive but in where is the sunniest place in the UK to live? I know it has got to be somewhere down south but it it even that sunny really? 

I want to move, 

and need sun



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If you fancy moving to Scotland, Dunbar is credited as being the sunniest place there and the Isle of Tiree the sunniest Scottish island.

or other nearby places on the south coast - this list is annual sunshine hours, not just midsummer ones

I would say Sussex and around the coast as far as Norfolk

Its hardly tropical, but Eastbourne and Brighton have the highest number of sunny days. 

It's bright and dry in the east but temperatures are pretty low on the North Sea coast.

Have you tried Sunderland?

Do you mean sunniest or warmest. They are different. It's pretty sunny a lot of the time in Antarctica.

Prudie, I've been trying to find the sunshine hours in Antarctica and I can't, all they talk about is daylight hours, which isn't the same thing. They do have cloud in Antarctica too, which may be daylight but isn't sunny any more than it is in London. It must be on the internet somewhere.

I'm only basing it on what I've seen on film and it's often clear sky. I believe I am right in what I say, I have found:

The dry, subsiding air over the interior of Antarctica creates little cloud. Around the coast however, more moisture is available and low-pressure systems have a greater influence. 


Expeditions take place during the Antarctic summer months and while it's not sunbathing weather, it's sunny most of the time and the UV rays can be quite strong. Ice, snow, and water reflect the sun from every direction and it is possible to get a sunburn

Even if you want to say I'm wrong about Antarctica surely one wouldn't argue that sunniest and warmest are the same thing. That was all I was asking of the the OP.,the%20continent%20to%20be%20dark.


During summer, Antarctica is on the side of Earth tilted toward the sun and is in constant sunlight. In the winter, Antarctica is on the side of Earth tilted away from the sun, causing the continent to be dark

Since Brexit, aren’t we all living in the sunlit-uplands?

Well the darkest place to live is in his^ head

After some frantic Googling I can confirm that Antarctica is not in the UK.

I'm not saying you're wrong, Prudie, just wondering if you'd found information that I'd failed to do. I suppose it's basically that people (like bluefortress) aren't thinking of the poles when they wonder about going somewhere sunny, so the statistics aren't usually given.

Are you sure, Dougie?

I thought it was next to Aberdeen?

Question Author

Thanks everyone. I've been having a quick Google of all your suggestions lol 

I'm still none the wiser bluefortress. Are you happy with sun even if it's cold or are you wanting the warmest place the UK? I wasn't aware it was sunnier down South, warmer yes.

Question Author

Both if at all possible Prudie, I'l go for sunniest though.

Bournemouth claims to be the warmest, then Brighton and Plymouth. The sultry south is definitely where it's at.

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