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Wow That Was Amazing!!

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piggynose | 10:53 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Travel
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My 1st helicopter flight! 

Has anybody else on here ever flew by chopper? 



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Yep, Piggy, abseiled from a few choppers in my army days. I take it your trip wasn't as vigorous so i think your experience may be better than any of mine as you would have probably had a better view of the scenery below.

As an aside, though i've never suffered from 'wanderlust' i've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon via an helicopter ride.

Yes, several times

I won a competition. First prize was a helicopter ride. Unfortunately I had to miss out because I was 39 weeks pregnant! 

Oops, edit that,  it was actually a hot air balloon trip.

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Nah ken! We just felt a touch of vertigo initially! Then sat back and enjoyed the experience, even though it was only a 30 mins flight! 

What was weird were the seat belts, felt like parachutes!!

I once read that the American G.I.s in Viet Nam removed their helmets and sat on them like potties to protect their tackle from upcoming bullets!

They also referred to the nut that held the rotor blades on - which you are effectively hanging from - as, 'The Jesus Nut'


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Jazzyjen, not sure I cud manage a hot air balloon!!

only on my way to hospital - and you don't get much of view from a stretcher!

Yes and I screamed and screamed for him to bring me down. I was terrified as soon as we pulled out of the hangar.  As I had begged him to take me up and he had paid for an hour's flight I felt so guilty later when I thought about it.

Yes. 34 street heliport to JFK airport!

Had a trip in a Westland Wessex from RAF (now RMB) Chivenor, in North Devon and another in a Westland Sea King (aka a "Junglie") from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. Both terribly noisy and uncomfortable experiences, but which I enjoyed a lot. 

I did many trips over London in the Met's squirrel twin turbine. Couple of trips to ,what was ,RAF Nutts Corner . An enjoyable flight in a Chinook from RAF Odiham to Alderney for a weekend Jolly. We were supposed to take two chinooks but only one was serviceable. It was a Battle of Britain fly by celebration over the Channel Islands.We did some ramp riding on the trip over and found hydraulic oil dripping on our heads. The F/Sgt loadmaster smiled and said laconically that," these things leak like a sieve.It's the tail rotor gear box".  Gulp

I doubt that you had a "touch of vertigo"...because vertigo isn't what most people seem to think it is!

No, but have always wanted to.

Have flown in a (what seemed tiny) prop plane between Trinidad and Tobago. That was fun.

No, but I'd quite like to. I have had a ride in a hot air balloon which was great til we landed in a very muddy field miles from a road and had to then pack the balloon away and walk to the landrovers. It rather took the shine off things.

My step-daughter and her husband own a helicopter training school and so I have been able to have many flights with them. Last was from the north of London, across Heathrow (we had to wait and watched the planes landing from above them) and then along the Thames through to Docklands and then up over the West Ham and Spurs grounds, absolutely fantastic!

I've never been in a helicopter or a balloon & don't fancy the idea at all any more.

No, but I've flown in a small private jet, which was pretty good

several times - for work out in the N.Sea during my gap year.


first time was from Penzance to the Scillies

a tour of Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Macau and back

a tour of San Fran and the Napa Valley

Up the Fox Glacier in NZ

There and back to Silverstone for the Grand Prix three times and ditto Sandown - Epsom for the Derby.



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Wow That Was Amazing!!

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