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Travel Insurance

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iloveglee | 11:54 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Travel
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does anyone know of a travel insurance company that will exclude one, or more of your medical conditions, but will cover other conditions. 



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the experience I have had if you have a serious condition ( ca) is that you can exclude it

and then when you claim, they say - o o  this is connected with cancer and refuse to pay out

but good luck

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This is my concern, insurance companies being what they are.  


As Peter says even if they do accept you with excluding some conditions they will probably try and connect them if you make a claim.  We just add in all ours these days then look around for one that doesn't charge too much but gives decent cover usually costs a couple of hundred but goes up most years.

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I dont expect it to be cheap being 76 with high blood pressure.  But when you've started a treatment plan which includes hormone therapy for 6 months, then radiotherapy, to double the cost because they determine you're on a waiting list for treatment.  Which you're not, as the treatment plan is fixed, not at the mercy of a waiting list.  

Given that this is going to cause no issues, and going to europe anyway, it's crazy to have to include it.  Especially when, after treatment is finished, many companies make their own decision to exclude it.  I'm sure there's a plan out there to keep old folks at home

PP is probably right – but if you don’t declare a medical condition to begin with, it won’t be covered; then they will invoke PP’s position in that the un-declared medical condition contributed to any claim.

Despite Brexit, you can still get free medical treatment in many countries, a must have card for your travel.

Once you have the UK GHIC card, ensure that you carry it with you at all times – otherwise you could find that you are expected to pay for treatment that would otherwise be free, because you could not present the card on arrival at the medical facility.

The medical treatment might be free with the card but repatriation is hugely expensive should you need it.

Saga?  They say they provide cover for most medical conditions which means they must exclude some.

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