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10 Year Passport Rule

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Hymie | 08:14 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Travel
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According to Simon Clader (The Independent’s travel correspondent) over 100,000 Brits could lose their holiday – another Brexit benefit.

Halleluiah, praise the Lord



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Thinking about it - living on Malta must seem like a much closer confinement than living in the UK?

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Gully why do you say something so stupid that it may make others question your overall IQ? I have been on holiday to EU, hired cars, travelled through airports and caught planes twice a year every year since Brexit, same as I did before it, and I have not encountered a SINGLE hassle, barrier or difference.

That's a bit harsh on gulliver. I am intrigued though by gulliver's odd spacings around commas and random use of capitals in his posts.  Maybe that's the accepted style in Malta.

Same here Prudie. I even still get free mobile calls with my provider and good credit card rates on payments on euros. Security queues have been non existent in my last two trips abroad

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Stop the personal attacks and address the comments made instead.

It's really not that difficult.


RM 12:19?

raving deletions - another reason why AB will fold!

Oh dear Hymie. Think this post has upset a few Brexiteers on here.

I Find it quite amazing how the Moderators think on Ab . For instance on this post, no less that five posters  have called or refered to me as an "Eejit" ...Not one single post is removed.

Then when I use the word eejit ,,all hell breaks loose and half a dozen posts are swiftly removed  ...mmm.. interesting.



Gulliver your post wasn't there when I began the process of deleting posts but I'm sure you won't let that fact spoil your moaning, will it?

The matter is closed now and any further reference to it will end in a suspension.

Question Author

Based on TTT’s latest thread, even he is not clear on these rules – what chance has anyone else?

It seems I am hymie, I was seeking confirmation.

Question Author

Prudie posted // And there is the proof, you don't care one bit about the common good, you just relish in and hope for the pain of others. What is the matter with you?//


No, only that those who were stupid enough to vote for Brexit suffer the consequences, and not anyone else – but Brexit has caused more damage to the UK than the covid pandemic, and so all are suffering.

// only that those who were stupid enough t//

And that isnt a personal attack?

So! Everyone who gets caught out by this rule at passport control will be Brexit voters and all the Remainers fully understand it and won't have a problem. I didn't realise that.

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10 Year Passport Rule

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