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Can Someone Verify My Understanding Of The E U S S R Passport Rules.

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ToraToraTora | 14:01 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Travel
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OK so this is about passports being issued over 10 years ago, right? So they could have had up to 9 months carried over from the previous passport so for example if my passport was issued in Jan 2014 but expired in say August 2024 that would not be valid even though the passport itself is valid, is that correct? My passport runs out in June, so if I get one now, the unused months will be added on so it will be valid for 10 years and 3 months. I think that will be ok. The problem is when a PP is older than 10 years on the issue date, right? Thanks.



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Yes, the passport must have been issued within the last 10 years 

if you get a new one now the unused months will not be added 





If you travel to the Eu or many other countries they will treat Jan 2024  as the expiry date.  Because of this the passport office no longer adds the extra months on.

They have, as far as I understand, now stopped adding the unexpired time left on an old passport to a new one. So a passport issued today will now expire 10 years from the date of issue. The unexpired month(s) were added to passports as some countries required that passports had an expiry date that was valid for a certain number of months after you were scheduled to return home

No, because the EUSSR does not exist.

^quite, RH...TTT hasn't yet noticed that the USSR (CCCP) doesn't exist , either!

Question Author

oh dear looks like I've upset the EW!

^not upset at all...just amused by your childishness.

Question Author

I asked a sensible question in travel. Is that not the purpose of this site? It then gets hikacked by the EW. I'm not the one being childish.

We cannot answer a question on the passport requirements for a place that does not exist.

^ I said, childishness!

Here are the rules for entry in to the EU from the UK - this may help you.

Passport rulesIf you have a British passport, it must be: Issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (so check the 'date of issue') Valid for at least three months after the day you plan to leave (so check the 'date of expiry').,Passport%20rules,'date%20of%20expiry').

No because none of us really mind if you wallow on, in your state of ignorance

add ten (y) to the date of issue which shd be somewhere near the expiry date - - - no not on the kitchen table, in the passport!

Just one thing to add on the 3 months left after the date you plan to leave the EU.  The ABTA site as Redhelen72 put link on for says 3 months from expiry date. This only applies if both start and end date are the same on passport and not if extra months were added to expiry date.  In which case it would be 3 months before end of 10 years at start date.  So many different sites and all giving slightly different information.

What is or are the EW?

Eternally wearying in this case.

SHEDMAN there must be at least three month left on the intended date of departure but I've not seen anything saying that it must also be within ten year of the passport's start date.


THECORBYLOON, as the EU only accepts 10 years from the start date on the passport it stands to reason that the 3 months they talk about you needing when you leave the EU goes from that date and not any that may have been added on to the end date.

Corbyloon, you need to read this,turned%20away%20by%20passport%20control.

TWAU, courtesy of TTT

And here was I  thinking you knew everything 🤣

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Can Someone Verify My Understanding Of The E U S S R Passport Rules.

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