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London Underground

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hannah40 | 21:53 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Travel
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Hi any london people know what underground train to get from Victoria to London Bridge? I understand I need to change somewhere so from where I get off where do I go for the next train?

im asking as I will have 14 adults with Down syndrome with me so really want to know what I'm doing on the day. We are going for tea at the Shard and I've been told ondonnbridge is closest.



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Thank you the bus  c 10 from stop V in Buckingham palace road heading to Canada Water looks like the plan for our group now. 

you probably also need to work out how you are going to pay.  When i was last on a london bus, all adults had to have their own card (either travel card or contactless card)  i tried to pay for more than 1 personw with mine and couldnt


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Bednobs they do not have cards or cash the carers have paid for trip which includes transport. Would I be able to buy travel cards on line?

Well if I didn't live in London, and I was Hannah, I would be very confused!!  

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Thank you very much to everyone who has answered with constructive advice.

I have purchased a group one day travel card and then will go for the bus idea.


Excellent, well done Hannah.

Good luck Hannah. I hope you all have a lovely day.

AB at its best.

I hope the day goes well.

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London Underground

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