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Edinburgh - The Balmoral Or The Gleneagles Townhouse?

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DTCwordfan | 17:16 Mon 17th Jun 2024 | Travel
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Assuming you have the budget - which one of these two would you go for? Interested to hear from anybody who has had the fortune, as in luck and financial, to stay at both.....



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I'm afraid my lottery ticket has yet to come up so have yet to cross their thresholds bu we did get two return flights from Edinburgh to Arrecife for the price of a one night stay.

That may be because Jet2 have cut their shoe-shine service though. 🙂

Balmoral for me. Excuse me while I go and book.

Neither, but heres a tale from a few years ago at our golf club. We used to have an elderly member called Ossie, who was always joking, things like he'd offered to play Tiger Woods for 10p but he'd backed down. Ossie was quite well off as he used to own a large haulage company. He always played with his son and his sons' mate, but one Sunday, another member joined them to make up a fourball, called Charlie. Just before they finished the round, Ossie says to Charlie: 

"Do you fancy playing at Gleneagles next Saturday? I've got the tee reserved for 1pm. Get to Barton Airfield no later than 7.30am. We can't wait if you don't turn up because we have a flight time. What do you say?"

"Yeah, right Ossie. Sure."

"No. I'm telling you. Don't be late!"

Of course Charlie thought Ossie was joking, but it turns out he wasn't. Ossie had his own plane and had indeed booked at Gleneagles, and Charlie had missed the chance of a free round of golf at Gleneagles.

Cest la vie! 

I can't see much difference apart from the price.

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Clarion, it's not unknown in the states for folk to make bookings on 4 major courses at about the same tee-off time, allowing for time difference and then choose which one to fly on in the private jet depending on the best weather conditions for the prospective round.

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The Balmoral probably has it on its food outlets.....

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Edinburgh - The Balmoral Or The Gleneagles Townhouse?

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