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all inclusive cruse

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dustypuss | 20:12 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Travel
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Hi dose any body know of a all inclusive cruse ship. I used to go an a cruse with thomsons TOPAZ but they stop using this ship the thing that I loved about this ship was that in was small unlike most operators that use thees massive ships.


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If you mean everything included, there are one or two. However, most will charge you the fare and tips anyway so the only variable is the amount to spend on drink. If you want a cruise where everyone can drink as much as they like for no extra payment, you will be amongst a large group of p1ss artists. Why bother?
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I don't like a large drinks bill at the end of Holiday . ( and mine would be large ) I'm a driving instructor .On holiday Is the only time I drink and god do i need it.
Thomson still do cruises with an "All Inclusive" option

eg jsp?dealId=37230&ito=1507

Yes I remember the Topaz with fondness too.
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to pauln90 Thank I have just spent a hour look at Thomson ( Dreaming ) it a shame when they say all inc only �140 extra seems to defeat the object. that what i liked about TOPAZ it was all inc. Happy afternoons sipping sparkling wine in the bar at the back .(forgotten it name) . I think dannydingbat has got the wrong end of the stick.
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I've just remember it name The yacht club . I wonder what happened to the TOPAZ?
if they are quoting �140 extra for all-in booze and you are a couple are you really going to drink �280 worth ?
then again friends of mine their booze bill was over the �350 mark for 2 weeks., you have to beware of the over friendly type of lounge lizard that hike up your bill.
But if you are going to sit and worry about it all week, what a miserable time you will have.
How much does a vodka & tonic [single] cost on board ?
Sorry if I offended you but as a veteran of 27 cruises, my main bugbear is the barfly who thinks it is clever to sit at the bar all day, insult the staff then make a nuisance of themselves to everyone else until they keel over. If that floats your boat, go for it. It just seems that you can do that anywhere and not have to bother with the cost of the cruise. If you just want a drink and not have to think about the cost, fine but you do have the danger of sharing your relax time with overindulgers who are the majority of the people who will be your sailing buddies. Not for me. I know what my budget is and spend to it.
�140 - that is two bottles of wine a day - that is going some!

Seabourn are all inclusive and much classier! They have 210 pax. Celebrity have just got two new 700 pax ships called Journey and Quest

Try this site for reviews
Just to correct a little detail here - they are not new ships. The Journey was built years ago and has had several owners under other identities.

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all inclusive cruse

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