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USA State Department Visa Information

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BBWCHATT | 05:43 Sat 09th Jun 2007 | Travel
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This is the official US website - it has all the Visa and Immigration information needed to enter the country: l



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and your question is what.
Question Author
GSM - I should have known there would be someone like you (there always is) who responded to my post in the way you did and in knowing, should have addressed it in my original post.

As I looked through the questions in the Travel section, I noticed that several of them needed information on coming to the USA - since I live here, I was able to find an official government website to pass along to them that had most of the information they were looking for - so I thought I would post it to try to help.

I probably won't get many posts from the people who need/use the website - but hopefully this will explain why I posted it to people like you.

The old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
then you should have explained that,us poor minded people in the UK,have not got the sense that you lot over the pond have,so we need a little explaining to help us along.
BBWCHATT - I knew what your post was about. People never seem to check the previous questions, even when they have an option to before they submit the question. I'm getting tired of hearing about when peoples passports expire and will they be able to travel. I keep on putting up a link to the passport office which states that they can renew their passports at any time, though if you do so with nine months or less to go these months are added to the new passport. But a couple of days later there's another very similar question. Grrrrrrrrrr!
Question Author
Thanks Spudqueen - I am glad to know that you understood my original post without any lengthy explanation:)

I don't happen to agree with GSM that the people of the UK are poor minded.

I thought almost anyone would understand why I posted the link - and why I posted it in travel - but you have to allow for people who seem to get pleasure from the kind of posts GSM does - I knew that, so it was my failure to address the GSM type of people in my original post that created the problem. My deepest apologies to you GSM - and all the other GSM types on AB.
I knew straight away BBWCHATT. There are loads of posts at the moment that say something like "I have a small conviction can I get into the USA?" It's a good post to link back to.

The same with your post about mileage. We have a very good motoring organisation - two infact who have route planners to plan routes. I would have thought common sense would mean you go there first - instead of asking someone on here who goes to the sites and does the legwork.

Well done !!!
I'm very new to this site, a week old in fact!! I understood and really appreciated your post - and all your posts in actual fact. You have a vast knowledge of the USA and many of us need to know things, that to others may seem small and pointless, but to us is the answer we needed!

Question Author
Almcd - thank you so much for saying that - we don't have nearly enough "thank you for the time and effort you put into helping me" responses here on AB!!!

Loustu honey - I am glad we could help you - and please don't hesitate to ask anytime you need any help from here in the USA!!! Clanad is another ABer who lives in the USA - and he is "super knowledgeable" about a broad spectrum of subjects.

I have only been looking into the AB Travel Section for a few days, after one of my AB friends emailed me to ask me to respond to Loustu's question - so if you don't get my attention in this section, look for me in Food & Drink, I am there almost every day.

The old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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USA State Department Visa Information

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