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Cross boarder roads

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Steb | 18:20 Fri 03rd Dec 2004 | Travel
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What happens on the border between two countries, when one drives on the left hand side, and the other drives on the right?  It's been driving me crazy.


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Some initial research is required.  Have a look at this table and identify "left" and "right" countries with mutual land borders:


Assuming that there are such countries, presumably, between the border posts, the change takes place - it's a fascinating scenario.  A webcam would be fun!


You've really started something now!  We've been discussing this with paper and pencil over the breakfast table and my favourite lady driver reckons that it would have to be done with a roundabout but that means that drivers from one of the countries would have to go round the roundabout the "wrong" way.


Maybe we can do this an easier way.  I think that one of the visitors to AnswerBank (RevShirls ?) lives in Sweden where they changed side from left to right relatively recently.  Perhaps he/she can find out how things were arranged at the borders with Norway and Finland before H-day (H = "hoger" - I think - = "right").


I heard that the change-over was arranged for the small hours of the morning so that there would be very little traffic.  However, at the appointed time, everyone came out just for the fun of the change!


Ive been trying to find two countries who have borders in this instance, NAMIBIA and ANGOLA do but, they dont have any roads connecting the two apparently!!

Check this website out, it's dedicated to these kind of things, and there's a picture of one of these borders as well -

In my Times Atlas of the World, it shows at least one road crossing from Namibia (left) to Angola (right) between Ondangua and Ongiva.


Other countries seem to be Tanzania (left) and Burundi (right), India (left) and Afghanistan (right), Surinam (left) and French Guiana (right) and Hong Kong (left) and China (right).


Well done Tiesto!  That must be the definitive answer to the question.


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