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Jordan 'Good For A Holy Holiday'

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Most of us simply want two weeks in the sun when we take our annual holiday, however, many people would like more from their break. In some cases this is to see sites which are historically and religiously significant. Many find that this sort of travel reaffirms their faith and they return home with a renewed sense of their God.

It seems Jordan has been highlighted as a suitable religious destination in a article by a leading newspaper.

"It has almost too many Biblical sites," the article said. "Israel and Palestine have cornered the market in Holy Land tours, but Jordan is no second-best pilgrimage destination." quotes the story.

The country of Jordan is in the Middle East and it shares control of the Dead Sea with Israel. Much of the country is desert but the north-western part of Jordan is green and fertile.

The official religion of the country is Islam and Christianity is the secondary religion. Strangely for a Middle Eastern Arab state it is an advocate for religious freedom in the world.

Jordan is home to many important religious sites, not least of which are those relating to Christian Old Testament Mythology. Places mentioned in the Bible – Aaron's tomb in Petra and the palace of Herod Antipas in Machaerus – are popular tourist attractions.

Bethany is the site of the baptism of Jesus by John. The area has a number of pools and springs on the east bank of the River Jordan. Bethany's ancient remains include structures from the 1st century settlement of John the Baptist, including large plastered pools with steps for full immersion.

Jordan's capital Amman is a modern, culturally diverse Arab city which is light-years away from the typical clichés of Middle Eastern exoticism and is well worth a visit.

Petra in Ma'an, the home of the Nabateans, is a complete city carved in a mountain. The huge rocks are colorful, mostly pink, and the entrance to the ancient city is through a 1.25 km narrow gorge in the mountain—called the Siq. It has been designated as one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World" by the for-profit New Open World Corporation.

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