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‘Quirky Cruises' Becoming More Popular

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

This year could see a rise in the number of Brits taking out travel insurance for quirky cruises, if the comments of one group of sea-lovers are anything to go by.

Cruise Critic claimed the variety of ship-based holidays available these days may surprise some people. The organisation notes that it is not just nudist cruises that are becoming increasingly popular - cruising options are becoming increasingly varied. It explained holidaymakers can opt for Star Trek getaways and breaks dedicated to various bands.

The company has named its top five quirky cruises. Top of the list was Bikers Onboard - a cruise on board which the formal dress code is “leathers required,” but no bikes are allowed onboard and is a rally cruise for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Second up was 'The Archers on Black Prince' cruise which provides an opportunity for passengers to meet members of the cast of the long-running BBC Radio 4 soap about country folk, followed by 'Spooks at Sea - Spycruise: Operation Istanbul' featuring real spy stories. Passengers can learn about the Cold War, intelligence tradecraft and clandestine equipment and meet real spies from the CIA, RCMP and KGB on board this trip.

'Celestial Cruising', billed as an astral cruise for astrologers, and 'Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd', which takes to the high seas on Carnival Imagination, were also tipped. Communications manager said operators were looking to offer options for every minority interest in order to make sure they are able to fill their ships.

He stated: "Cruises have moved light years away from what … [they] used to be 15 years ago."

Cruise Critic is a group of avid and first-time ship-lovers who enjoy planning, researching and sharing their passion for life on the seven seas. With nearly 1.5 million cruises booked every year the industry is certainly ship-shape.

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