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Westminster Central Hall

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

The Westminster Central Hall is Central Hall Westminster, a unique and historic building, centrally located across the road from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. The Hall operates as a conference and exhibition centre, a concert hall, an art gallery, serviced offices, a Methodist church, a tourist attraction and a public café.

Built in 1912, the Central Hall was erected to mark the centenary of John Wesley's death. The domed ceiling in the Great Hall is reputed to be the second largest of its type in the world. The building is frequently used for public enquiries, including those into the Ladbroke Grove rail crash, the sinking of the Marchioness Pleasure Boat, and the Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Ireland.

Central Hall hosted the first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in 1946. It has been regularly used for political rallies—famous speakers have included Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill. In 1968 it hosted the first public performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

There are fifteen various sized meeting rooms with natural day light and black out facilities, plus numerous other spaces for syndicate rooms, offices, exhibitions and dinners. It can also be used as a venue for wedding receptions.

Free guided tours are available daily and there are brilliant photo opportunities of London from the Dome. If you would like a tour of the building please call at the Visitor Services reception desk in the main entrance area. The public café is a modern cafeteria open daily from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

Contact details for the Central Hall tel: +44 (0)20 7222 8010, fax: +44 (0)20 7222 6883, Email: [email protected].


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Regular services are held at the church:

Sunday: Morning services 11:00am in the Great Hall; Evening services 6:30pm in the Chapel

Monthly Sunday services:
1st Sunday: 6.30pm Healing and Holy Communion in the Chapel
2nd Sunday: 10.00am Early Holy Communion in Chapel
3rd Sunday: 11.00am Holy Communion in the Great Hall
4th Sunday: 6.30pm Holy Communion in the Chapel

Wednesdays: 12.45-1.15pm The Bible Today in The Chapel

Thursdays: 7.00pm Young Adults – The Sanctuary in The Chapel

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