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Ab Editor Where Is Gromit?

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anotheoldgit | 12:11 Thu 01st Jun 2017 | Editor's Blog
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Dear Ed have you any idea what has happened to Gromit his last activity was 14:37 Sat 25th Mar 2017?

I entered a thread in Chatterbox on the 15th May regarding his absence but nobody seems to know why he no longer posts on AB.

Since he was a moderator, perhaps you can tell me why he no longer posts?


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Other moderators don't post anymore.
I was wondering this a few days ago too.
I haven't slept for weeks.
Rohm Putsch on AB?
Question Author

We may not have agreed with much of what he said but he injected much interesting debate into AB's news section.

It is his type of ABer that we can ill afford to loose at the present moment.
I think we upset him with the site update :(

It is a shame.

Question Author
Thank you Ed, but although the new site has produced problems for some, I wouldn't have thought they would have been serious enough for an AB veteran like Gromit to leave us.

If you are out there Gromit, please come back.
//I think we upset him with the site update :( //

No kidding! Such a great site, such a useless update...
-- answer removed --
That's a shame I liked Gromit. however of late my attendence here has been patchy because on a lot of days I just cannot use the site as it hangs and lags and won't load so must admit I can understand perhaps that aspect of it. Hope he comes back though :)
Another poster who has been missing for a while is Scorpiojo.
You can suggest it and I can ignore it.

You can not dictate to me what I post.

It's always a shame when someone decides to stop posting.

Scorpiojo has a lot going on in her life at the moment, hope she's ok.
Oh crap ... that was a waste of time.

Does it ever cross anyone's mind that some posts are actually made to keep a thread live in the 'Latest Post' bit?
bazwillrun hasn't posted for ages either.
When ABers are absent and there are those amongst us who are concerned about them. Perhaps the Editor should E/mail the individuals and enquire if there is a reason for their absence.

The Ed does have E/mail addresses for all of us and could ask if all was well, then report back to us.

Just a thought....Hans.
I also considered Zeuhl a reliable opinion.
He also has ceased posting.
It is, of course, the holiday season and some people may be away from their computers.
I would doubt that Gromit has been on holidays since last March.

baz's holiday has lasted ten months, if so. Odd how these things go.

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Ab Editor Where Is Gromit?

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