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Dunelm You're The One That I Want Advert

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Gettingonabit | 19:06 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Adverts
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Can anyone tell me what the girl is singing to her cushion? I can not tell what she is singing no matter how many times I've seen it .




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I haven't seen the advert. Do you have a link?

Is it this one ?,vid:9d2vPua8TGM,st:0

"and this décor is so dumb"

Question Author

Yes that's the advert. It's her pronunciation of decor I couldn't get. I always though she said dull not dumb. Need my ears cleaning. 

Question Author

Sorry, didn't say thank you 

Peter Kay had a similar problem 😊

It probably is, "dull" and not, "dumb".

Question Author

Not totally deaf then.

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Dunelm You're The One That I Want Advert

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