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Who Are 'They'...

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Allante666 | 14:05 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Adverts
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UK TV advert, maybe 90's? Guy talking in a foreign accent about something and saying that 'they say that ..'something or other. Then he says 'so just who are 'they'? we tracked them down to ask them!' It then cuts to a group of people wandering in a forest who are presumably 'them'.  I remember he had an accent but might be wrong, sort of Swedish or German accent. Any bells ringing for anyone?



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Was it Rutger Hauer in the Guinness ads?

237SJ Unfortunately not but good call! I just spent 14 minutes watching them all!

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Oddly enough Luckysevens, so have I!!

Are you sure it was a TV ad and not Eurotrash?

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Barry1010, Unless you have something in particular in mind I dont think it was?  Although I cant recall what they were advertising. I seem to think it started with  'they say that...'   . I didnt watch eurotrash that much but I did sometimes.

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Who Are 'They'...

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