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Why Do Dog Owners Think It Is Acceptable For Their Dogs To Bark At All Hours ?

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Canary42 | 20:27 Wed 06th Sep 2023 | Pets
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Why do dog owners think it is acceptable for their dogs to bark outside at all hours ?

I have four examples within earshot of my house. But you also get them in public places, in parks, on beaches.

If I played, for example, a recording of "Shut Up" outside at the same volume I'm sure I would soon find PC Plod on my doorstep.

And let's not have the pathetic plea "it's only natural", they can be trained not to.

It's the owners who are at fault, not the dogs.

[end of rant]



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I don't mine don't drives me up the wall too.
Because they're dogs. They bark. It's what they do.
canary is correct on this, it's the owners, end of.
Dog barking it's a pizzer . My neighbours have two the slightest noise and ther'e off. Bit of rat posion might solve the problem. Only joking.
Or not :-)
One dog owner I know has a water spray bottle that he uses on the dog if it starts barking. Works a treat. Every time.
Do you ever hear the fox calling at night? They can make a terrific noise that used to waken me at all hours of the night.
It is not so bad if they are barking for a reason - someone at the door.

There is a yappy thing around here who yapps whilst out for it's 3:00 walk.

It's no acceptable but sometimes the owners have no idea what the dogs are up to when left alone.
Anyone who leaves their dog barking inside or outside, day or night, should not be allowed to have a dog. Poor things are bored witless If it was me I'd be asking if I could take it for a walk and then keep it with me for a while before returning it home again. I'm not just saying that, I did it once when the owners were off to work and locked it in the kitchen cupboard all day. Large cupboard in large house BTW. Why do people get a dog in the first place when they can't look after it properly?
//Why Do Dog Owners Think It Is Acceptable For Their Dogs To Bark At All Hours ?//

I think you mean "some" dog owners. The dog owners that allow their dogs to do this are selfish morons.
Ye Gods, you'll all be moaning about babies crying next.
Is that the fault of the parents?
Send it back, get one that doesn't cry.
There is definitely a business opportunity here:-

For a fee, I will loiter outside the property of the offending dog – once the dog starts to bark, I will shout in a very loud voice ‘You selfish basterds, shut that F dog up – you ‘See You Next Tuesdays’; or some such similar thing.
Dogs bark. Some dogs are more nervy than others. I've had labradors that almost never barked. Current mongrel, rescue multi-terrier dog, barks at other dogs passing, strange cars parked outside, people coming to the door - anything he regards as threatening. It's louder when I yell at him to stop t.b.h..
Next door, somewhat unfortunately, acquired a young, male mini-dachshund which seems to be alpha male and is left alone in the garden a lot..... guess what? I'm there to bring ours in and shut him up. They aren't and Winston (dachsie) barks hysterically if I open our kitchen door to put rubbish in the bin.
Ours does not, however, bark at night (after the regulation run round the garden and making his presence known to any threats).
No, it's not always the owners.
Some kids are noisy, some not.
I must see on average 10 dogs every day doing a number 2!! It turns my stomach!! Btw this is in Spain! Why oh why! My theory is the mutts get overfed!!
It makes me laugh that people say they are taking the dog 'for a walk'.
They really mean 'for a sh it'.
Dogs barking, cats yowling whilst mating within earshot whilst I trying to sleep?

I agree.
It's not the animals that are the real problem.

It's the owners that have no respect for others.

If you insist on having a dear darling sweetheart of an animal keep it to yourself!
08.18 well said!!!
"I must see on average 10 dogs every day doing a number 2!!!" - what do you think should happen to the food they process every day? Do you think they should store it up and go once a week? Sheesh. Probably the most stupid post I've read on here in the last ten minutes.
crikey, even 1ozzy said something sensible!
problem is anyone can go and get a dog just like anyone can have a kid but at least with a kid you understand humans to some degree and they can understand and talk to you and dont just rely on body language and tone where as a dog does and half the time i do think that about fifty percent of dog owners probably shouldnt have a dog they just arent competent enough or even aware enough to understand how to train a dog and all dogs need training

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