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Canary42 | 23:51 Thu 05th Oct 2023 | Pets
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Why do people get Bull Terrier dogs as pets anyway - they're so bloody ugly (IMHO).



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Because they're totally soppy!

I agree Canary. Horrible, scary looking things.

I don't think (english)bull terriers have the same temperament or reputation that other bull breeds do. I think they are rather dopey looking.

Oh yes.

I have just been looking at a US website selling English bulldog puppies for $5k. Bonkers

 It looks like the dogs have been re bred for a purpose, hence their unfriendly look.

Same reason people have ugly partners.  Looks don't matter.  We've never looked for attractive pets.  We've generally rescued animals that have problems.

I don't think these dogs are among those breeds currenrly causing concern.   I agree, they're not attractive but they can't help that.  I expect their mums love them.  ;o)

My daughters English Bull Terrier is absolutely gorgeous and loves everyone.  She welcomes all who visit our flats with her smiley face and wagging tail. She's 11 years old now so over-staying all expectations.

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