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Puppy in season (Heat)

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leejaysmum | 11:44 Wed 28th Oct 2009 | Pets
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My 8 month old Border Terrier came into her first season 2 weeks ago and I was just wondering if its normal for her nipples to be swollen too? Im guessing its the hormone surge that shes experiencing that is contributing to this? It doesnt seem to bother her at all, but the Vet didnt mention this may happen when we discussed her imminent season .
Also, does a season always last exactly 3 weeks, as Roxy seems to be nearly finished after 2 weeks? Her vulva has reduced in size and the bleeding stopped after 9 days, and I wondered if it was exactly 3 weeks, or less sometimes, and how does one know for sure - apart from knowing the date? We noticed blood loss and vulva swelling on 11th Oct and she'd been checked daily prior to that so theres no mistaking the start date.
Thanks in advance


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