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Allergy sticky ears in dog

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woofgang | 20:16 Fri 05th Feb 2010 | Pets
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Hi there. My two year old Weimaraner GSP cross boy has being diagnosed will allergy problems. The main symptom is inflamed ears which then become dirty and sticky. We are working with the vet who is excellent but the steroid tablets which helped at first have stopped being effective at a dose which is acceptable in terms of side effects for the dog. The next stage is to try a topical steroid spray which we will start on monday. We have cleaned up his diet which has helped a lot but not solved the problem. We have also tried
Canaural drops (the thick yellow ones)
Thornit powder
We currently use ear cleaning solution made from boracic and lactic acid to clean his ears (at vets suggestion) plus the steroid tabs and evening primrose oil capsules, again at vet's suggestion.
has anyone else had experience of this and can you make any suggestions please?
He has bare, not hairy ear canals and is as good as gold about the twice daily cleaning and treatment.


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Morning all...I could hardly see the bottom of the garden first thing.

Welcome back jno and a Very Happy Birthday (again!)...oh no, look what happened, some hungry thief's gone and sneaked in during the night in the fog, tut.

I know how hot hospitals can be Jude, I don't think it helps if people are nervous. My gp's room was bloomin' tropical on Tuesday, no wonder my bp was up and my face was going redder and redder. good luck with your op.

Thanks for the offer woofy, that's very kind, but on the site I've used for other bits and bobs you can buy 2.... I'll probably need more anyway once I get a round tuit :o) I did finally do a watch with a beaded bracelet...I've got a pic somewhere, I'll look for it later.

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Oh no has all the cake gone (wipes crumbs from mouth) Happy birthday jno, its still foggy here...I should really go and shower and go out.....
early mist here has cleared, so sunny now... I am now in possession of a Joseph Joseph egg timer thingy and ergonomically balanced tongs and a set of profession-stylee knives, but I am still not sure I want to go into the kitchen that often.

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Happy Birthday jno, no piccy cos am out having coffee recovering after zumba.

Teacher ir cross with the photos cos there were better ones. I was almost quite good at it today.
Jno's birthday ..again ?
Happy Birthday Jno ..curtseys ..We'd better do it big time stylie this time .
Have a lovely day .
Oh here you are jno

Am off to my friend's 70th birthday today in town!
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It's a 21 gun salute Neti
well I've been shopping for a cake to replace the one woofy...oops, someone, need to thank me, it's nbd

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Thanks for having us Woofy .Pat those boys from me and give 'em a treat.
haha...that pics lovely shaney

Thanks woofy...some treats for the boys
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The boys say thank you and its been nice to have you here.....
Thanks for having us woofy, can shaney now leave her corner and become a part of us again, come on girl tsk tsk.

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Allergy sticky ears in dog

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