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Just back from an afternoon out in the car.

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lindylou16 | 21:53 Sat 29th Jan 2011 | Pets
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Did you ever notice that if you blow in a dogs face it goes mad, yet when you take him on a car ride he sticks his head straight out the window?.


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Someone posted this last week.
They do love doing it but its extremely dangerous - they could get a stone or grit in their eye or even just get a cold in their eye from the draught.
I had a dog that used to sit inches away from a fan in the summer, but wouldnt let them stick their head out of the car window for the reasons Lankeela has stated.
The dog shouldn't be allowed to do this; it is extremely dangerous.
What do you think would happen to him in the event of a collision?
also, have you seen the state of a dog that has squeezed out of a moving vehicle? Not pretty.
yup it gives me chill when i see it, also dogs allowed to travel in the car not caged or secured. If there was a collision, they would turn into high velocity flying objects killing or injuring themselves and other passengers. We are very dull people, all our dogs have had car cages and that is the only way they travel apart from very rare emergency circs.
Read this:


Don't have nightmares!
Here's an even earlier one that the one micmak mentions http://www.theanswerb...e/Question886896.html

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Just back from an afternoon out in the car.

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