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to many goldfish

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cecil39 | 21:21 Mon 17th Sep 2012 | Animals & Nature
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my neighbour has so many fish in his pond that it looks more like fish soup, with some big ones but mostly little ones, he says that there used to be twenty decent ones but they have bred so much and he don't know what to do with all the small ones if he takes them out, any sugestions welcome.


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He needs to sell them off. Put them in a fish tank, take pics of them and someone will buy them, they go for a fiver each at our end, or 3 for 12.99.
He could set up a coconut shy in his garden - "Everyone wins a fish !"
Ask round among your family and friends.I get the same problem every 3-4 years and I usually manage to find a home for the extras with people I know.
Go to his local Aquarium shop and sell the fish to them.
Selling to a shop may be the best option. Once people know where there are a lot of goldfish, you may find your fish stock dwindling (probably your big ones) and damage or missing other stuff too.

Sorry to be negative, but I speak from experience.
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thanks everyone, I will tell him of your advise, I am sure the fish can't really thrive as they are, he has to do something about them soon.

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to many goldfish

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